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Anonymous asked: Hello, I noticed your blog and I noticed you seem to be struggling. Are you okay? Would you like to talk? I don't like seeing people in pain. Let me know how you are!

no, i’m not okay.

foritsyouihaveloved asked: You are not invisible! I'm here for ya!

you are very kind


my anxiety gets 700% worse when someone says “can i talk to you”

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Im invisible.


my father just brought home my worst trigger. i was doing good all day only having 4 cups of coffee. and he keeps saying come eat…

fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.

 please someone just talk to me so i don’t get fat….



Dear followers,

Idk if any of you have read the book It’s Kind Of A Funny Story {or seen the movie above} but yesterday was a very very very sad day because the author of this wonderful novel and many more, successfully committed suicide. He was an amazing author and person, and was the role model of many young people. He will be missed forever, but please I beg you all to go out and read this book in his memory. It will change your life. While Ned struggled with depression, he always kept a positive attitude with his fans and this book is a perfect example. I love you all, -Vivienne

I loved his books and him

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